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Sunday, August 23, 2020

OpEd: RANTING Bolsheviks, RACIST Allies

theodore miraldi.

As we sit by and watch the nation devolve into a Racist Civil War, I ask; Where are all of America's Patriots? Because unless by some act of mercy by our creator we may be looking at Armaggedon. Or could that be the plan?

After tens of thousands of years, we are appearing as dumb as the day we stood upright. In our confused and petty lives, we just can't offer the world the ultimate idea of a singular purpose. As we expand our minds with technology our purpose as nations, and communities fall prey to the simplest Evil of them all ... Hatred.

Something is happening on a Planetary scale. And the fools at the helm may think they are in control.

Sorry, little picture people the outright actualization of primitive responses is telling you something,  you need to shut up and listen. The world is shaking while some of you loot stores and hurt your next-door neighbors. We may be in the throws of something new and improved, or we may be the cause in our own destruction. This has all happened before, we just aren't sure how many times.

When I say, the future is the past we must continue to find the catalyst to the truth. Looking to our metaphysical self and not solely our own self-image, perhaps the knowledge we seek is right before our eyes. Relying on individual accumulations of social experiences passes with each new birth, every generation. Like it or not, GOD's purpose may not be yours...

Just take a moment to think all of you Blaming Bolsheviks and Ranting Racists, maybe your idea isn't and hasn't been the idea the world is looking for...

Unknown Artist

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