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Monday, August 10, 2020

SUPREME EMERGENCY! RNC Files emergency Request with Supreme Court Over Requirements for MAIL-IN BALLOTS

Republicans have been warning about possible fraud connected to mail-in voting for months

RNC asks SCOTUS to review mail-in ballot case

Shannon Bream, Bill Mears

The Republican National Committee has asked the Supreme Court to intervene in a case involving relaxing some signature and witness requirements for mail-in ballots.
The case involves several voting rights groups and Rhode Island officials. The RNC and the Republican Party of Rhode Island have asked for a decision before mail-in ballots are due to go out Aug. 12.
Republicans are challenging moves to eliminate the state’s requirements for witness and notary requirements for voting by mail because of the coronavirus crisis.
The respondents in the case are Common Cause Rhode Island, the League of Women Voters of Rhode Island, the secretary of state of Rhode Island and the members of the Rhode Island Board of Elections.
The request goes to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer based on geography.
If the Supreme Court is unable to make a decision on the substance, the RNC is asking for at least an administrative stay.
In early July, the Supreme Court voted along ideological lines to block a loosening of Alabama’s strict absentee ballot requirements.
The president and Republicans have been warning about possible voter fraud connected to mail-in voting for months, while Democrats and the media have often pointed to a lack of evidence that it would lead to voter fraud.
Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Monday argued that when it comes to mail-in voting, Democrats are purposefully trying to create chaos ahead of the November election
“This is all coming from the Democrats,” McDaniel said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “The president is saying, 'Keep the systems in place that have worked.'”
Fox News’ Alex Pappas, Talia Kaplan and Jon Decker contributed to this report.

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