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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

THE DEBATE: The Candidate is a Corpse

theodore miraldi.

Here's how I saw it. Trump landed the heavy blows to a tired-looking old man who was visibly stressed out. Sorry, but Biden looked like a dead man they stood up at an Irish Funeral for the last call ritual.

In essence, we learned nothing about Biden and his policies that we hadn't already known. Biden offered nothing of substance to solidify his base or attract undecided voters. He might have lost some support with this very poor first appearance to the general public. Trump was as animated as usual filled spit and vinegar interrupting Biden constantly.

Biden was visibly shaken and stumbled around the podium looking confused. More than once, he lost his train of thought and gave answers to questions no-one had asked. I deal with the elderly in my work and any honest person could see Biden's decline. The fact that his party of fools is allowing this man to be a punching bag borders on elder abuse.

What struck me as most egregious was his refusal to clarify his own positions. Like most Democrats who have lost the ability to create new cogent policy, Biden stood there and attacked everything Trump has done in his first term. He offered no solutions to Covid but wearing masks and refused to acknowledge that his stand on taking the vaccine is contributing to the fears ordinary Americans are experiencing.

Every policy Biden supports is some far off solution to everyday problems we are having now. All pizazz and promises no-one will ever see. Simple stuff like electric cars without any comprehensive explanation on how we will generate electricity without Coal.

This wasn't a death knell for Biden, but the coming days will be the footnote attached to the Biden Campaign. If Sleepy Joe has a prayer in Hell to be president something big has to happen. I personally think the game is already over.

Biden will be known as the barely alive Scapegoat of 2020.

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