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Friday, October 16, 2020



As we all have known from 2016, the Tech Giants have been the Propaganda Arm of the Democrats, Socialists, and Communist Parties. What is happening in our nation is no different than what takes place in countries like China, Russia, and Venezuela to mention a few.

This is where Social media wants us to be! A nation guided by their Hopes and Dreams, not ours. There has been an asserted effort now evident to the intent of our Tech Overlords. $$$ is what the greedy usually want, now it's our Souls and Freedoms as well.

Rigging a Presidential Election falls in line with the Corruption we have seen in Washington for decades. Bad actors are trying to take control of our country. Who in their rights minds would support open borders and unsolicited ballots. One need not be a genius to see the fog being created by identity politics and racial unrest, pitting Americans against Americans and America.

I am but one voice under the thumb of corrupt leadership and outside forces. Now is the time to be counted!! Failing this call will result in a failed Republic where Evil rules. No God, No Peace should be our motto! Please Share this with all Friends & Groups.
theodore miraldi

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