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Thursday, January 14, 2021

ASSAULT on America Happened on NOVEMBER 3rd. 2020

theodore miraldi.

Now They Know What It Feels Like To Live In Fear ...

What happened on January 6 was the result of over 4 years of planned attacks not only on a President but the American People. Day in and day out the News Media subjected Americans to constant attacks regarding false allegations and Racist vitriol. It's what Democrats do. The destruction of the nation was their intent from the day Barack Obama took office and continued with Hillary Clinton's defeat at the hands of the deplorables. Shamed by defeat, the Clinton Organization that tried to fix the 2016 election went to work with a vengeance, and the help of a 2 term president and his political mob. 

The American Public subsequently has faced a full-throated assault on every level of society. The Democrat Party has all gone queer. I don't mean sexually, I mean mentally. 

Let me state this clearly for those looking to upend civility and fellowship with political rhetoric, what happened on the 6th of January is un-nerving to nearly all Americans. Although the level of violence was minuscule to the actual terror of burning down cities, looting, and executing police officers since the death of George Floyd. 

Over 19 people have died directly from the Summer Riots of 2020 compared to 6 during the Protest on the Capital. Not a peep from our Antifa and BLM supporting Democrats, or calls for the impeachment of officials who openly supported them.

So, let's put things in their proper perspective.

It's permissible to rig an election by purposely changing voting laws by bypassing State Legislatures, kill innocent people, and in addition support subversive groups that have taken over parts of cities and burned down Government Buildings and Police Stations.   

To top off the insanity we are allowing a swamp rat with failing mental abilities with our nuclear codes. How could that be a good thing? What we are getting is an Obama 3rd term with Joe Biden a suspected Chinese collaborator and fraud. Aren't we lucky!

Already his appointees are a rogue gallery of misfits and leftovers who will soon be spewing the same inane policies that put the nation on standstill while flooding our towns and cities with Illegal Immigrants. 

Now we don't have to wait for the new President to commit an impeachable crime, somehow the petty Democrat Party will serve him up when necessary for a Harris Administration with fanfare to boot. Democrats have pulled the biggest scam in American Electoral History and all the while accusing the Republicans of Racism 24/7.

One day they call for civil unrest, the next they impeach a president for making a speech. How unfortunate this new majority in both Houses will only quench their thirst with unrestricted spending as any Blue State can attest.

The real assault has come from the Democrat Party and its Pettiness, to have Power over the population through shutdowns and financial disaster. 


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