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Monday, January 25, 2021

DEMOCRATS Race To The Bottom ... AGAIN!

theodore miraldi.

Democrats are in the bag with Division and not Unity. Their newest fig leaf to the minorities is RACIAL EQUITY

I beg someone to explain what the hell that means. 

In the face of a common stupidity that has been force-fed to their minority constituents, anyone in the state of consciousness realizes this to be just another non-sequitur fantasy of the Left's overactive Groupthink mantra. To them, it really doesn't have to mean anything, nor will they ever explain its meaning.

What's highly disturbing are Biden's initial Executive Orders on Transgender and Illegal Alien issues. While the nation is suffering illness and death nearing 500,000 this president's priorities are on bathroom use, men competing against girls
and allowing new caravans and their criminal elements to march into your neighborhoods. Now add to it codifying Roe v. Wade ... the killing of unborn children. 

What could he be thinking? 

This form of eclectic fantasy thinking flies in the face of non-secular reasoning, and policy that seeks positive outcomes.

Who the hell are these people in Washington?

As each new day arises in the Biden presidency we can begin to see a pattern of crippling edicts that have a direct and immediate effect on the well-being of Americans. Reinstituting failures with known adversaries who admittedly call for Death to our way of life. What is so attractive about government control and human abuse do Democrats find so appealing?

The assault Democrats have been pushing for the last 5 years has been a destabilizing force among the most vulnerable Americans, those with families and personal responsibilities. The government has no right to exacerbate the pain. Covid is a Health Crisis, not a National Emergency. 

It is apparent the Draconian effects of Lock-Downs have made things worse. Millions of Americans will be climbing out of the financial abyss while Washington sends taxpayer dollars overseas while demoralizing Middle America once more. This over-reach reeks of Centralized Power and Authoritarianism in the name of Unity. Just ask citizens of China, Cuba and Venezuela, and others if they feel free in their forced Unity!

Biden in less than a week has delivered a deathblow to Americans under the guise of Unity. We've seen this B-Movie before. Its title might read ... 'You Promised UsThe World, and Gave Us Tyranny and eventual Slavery.

They have promised Unity as long as we Assimilate into a Culture and Society of Failure! Welcome to their NWO!

Screenshot: Christian Web, Intellectual Suicide


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