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Saturday, February 20, 2021

WOKE, Yet Fast Asleep

theodore miraldi.

Let me illuminate a common misconception regarding this entire discussion about White Supremacy, Cancel Culture, and who it affects. The dribble coming from the Left and its Liberal Elites scattered about within our learning Institutions, Media and Entertainment Industry isn't just about people of color. The same elitists are targeting those who lead normal and less than prosperous lives struggling from the weight of those who consider themselves our superiors.

We, the majority of the population are suffering far more than any minority by those who are and may very well be white themselves. A bit of a conundrum by any measurable standards. Those on the top of the food chain whether deserved or not have become very judgmental of the rest. 

This faux egoism is tightly wrapped within selected groups that somehow have gamed and gained control of the Institutions that project cultural norms and behaviors better known as The Woke! For the most part, these Pop Culture proclivities are birthed in our Urban Cities and Metropolitan areas in past years and produced positive change. No longer so!

Whether you like the facts or not, the change in demographics has force-fed the populace a diet of dysfunctional narratives that only apply to specific groups leaving those outside relegated to the Status of The Other. Many of these newfound powerbrokers demand change and acceptance by any means. 

Unfortunately, the newly Woke are anything but aware. So selective in the acceptance of dysfunctions and irrational perspectives that the vast majority of the public have repudiated their true lack of personal and interpersonal social integration. Unwilling to accept common cultural views and seize opportunities with proven results to solidify their outsider status but, alienate the massive community now circling the wagons ready to strike. 

These are unsustainable methods of social control. The January gathering in DC was a shot across the bow. We are seeing a crack in their solidarity because of the rise in violence in areas of the nation which they control politically. 

One can't build a healthy environment on Lies and Mis-Direction. 

It's time for both sides to be shaken by reality. Judging others in their worst moments is a special kind of dishonor that only shames the accuser. Categorizing someone as deplorable is no different than the myriad of stereotypical names associated with the appearance of Bias, Bigotry, and Racism.

Woke refers to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice. It derives from the African-American Vernacular English expression stay woke. As I have stated in the past and borrow from Plato; 'An unexamined life is not worth living.'

It can only be perceived as hypocritical and shameless that those who raise their fist in defiance of past inequality now using the same mindless methods against others. It might be refreshing to actually see communities who suffer violence and poverty on themselves to find a better way.

Be a part of something better, actions speak louder than empty words...


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