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Monday, March 18, 2019

Big Tech's CENSORSHIP Expands! Right In For Fight

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As Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives becomes ever more flagrant and overt, the old arguments about protecting the sanctity of the modern public square are now invalid. Our right to freely engage in public discourse through speech is under sustained attack, necessitating a vigorous defense against the major social media and internet platforms. 
From “shadowbans” on Facebook and Twitter, to demonetization of YouTube videos, to pulled ads for Republican candidates at the critical junctures of election campaigns, the list of violations against the online practices and speech of conservatives is long.
I certainly had my suspicions confirmed when Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, “accidentally” censored a post I made regarding the Jussie Smollett hoax, which consequently led to me hearing from hundreds of my followers about how they've been having problems seeing, liking or being able to interact with my posts. Many of them even claimed that they've had to repeatedly refollow me, as Instagram keeps unfollowing me on their accounts.
While nothing about Big Tech's censorship of conservatives truly surprises me anymore, it's still chilling to see the proof for yourself. If it can happen to me, the son of the president, with millions of followers on social media, just think about how bad it must be for conservatives with smaller followings and those who don't have the soapbox or media reach to push back when they're being targeted?
Thanks to a brave Facebook whistleblower who approached James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, we now know that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant developed algorithms to “deboost” certain content, limiting its distribution and appearance in news feeds. As you probably guessed, this stealth censorship was specifically aimed at conservatives.
Facebook appears to have deliberately tailored its algorithm to recognize the syntax and style popular among conservatives in order to “deboost” that content. “Mainstream media,” “SJW" (Social Justice Warrior) and “red pill” — all terms that conservatives often use to express themselves — were listed as red flags, according to the former Facebook insider.
Facebook engineers even cited BlazeTV host Lauren Chen’s video criticizing the social justice movement as an example of the kind of “red pills” that users just aren’t allowed to drop anymore. Mainstream conservative content was strangled in real time, yet fringe leftists such as the Young Turks enjoy free rein on the social media platform.
Despite the occasional brave gesture, politicians have been far too sluggish in recognizing the extent of the problem. But the Republican Party and the conservative movement are becoming more vigilant against the suppression of our speech, as we saw at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)
Silicon Valley lobbyists have splashed millions of dollars all over the Washington swamp to play on conservatives’ innate faith in the free-market system and respect for private property. Even as Big Tech companies work to exclude us from the town square of the 21st century, they’ve been able to rely on misguided conservatives to carry water for them with irrelevant pedantry about whether the First Amendment applies in cases of social media censorship.
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has been making a name for himself as a Republican prepared to stand up to Big Tech malfeasance since his time as Missouri’s attorney general. He delivered a tour de force interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel in front of the CPAC crowd, one that provided a clear-eyed assessment of the ongoing affront to the freedoms of conservative speech and expression.
Hawley demolished the absurd notion that “conservative principles” preclude taking action to ensure free debate online simply because Big Tech firms — the most powerful corporations in the world — are private companies.
Hawley pointed out that Big Tech companies already enjoy “sweetheart deals” under current regulations that make their malfeasance a matter of public concern. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, for instance, allows them to avoid liability for the content that users post to their platforms. To address this problem, Hawley proposed adding a viewpoint neutrality requirement for platforms that benefit from Section 230’s protections, which were originally enacted to protect the internet as “a forum for a true diversity of political discourse.”
“Google and Facebook should not be a law unto themselves,” Hawley declared. “They should not be able to discriminate against conservatives. They should not be able to tell us we need to sit down and shut up!”
It’s high time other conservative politicians started heeding Hawley’s warnings, because the logical endpoint of Big Tech’s free rein is far more troubling than conservative meme warriors losing their Twitter accounts. As we’re already starting to see, what starts with social media censorship can quickly lead to banishment from such fundamental services as transportation, online payments and banking.
Left unchecked, Big Tech and liberal activists could construct a private “social credit” system — not unlike what the communists have nightmarishly implemented in China — that excludes outspoken conservatives from wide swaths of American life simply because their political views differ from those of tech executives.
There is no conservative principle that even remotely suggests we are obligated to adopt a laissez-faire attitude while the richest companies on earth abuse the power we give them to put a thumb on the scale for our political enemies.
If anything, our love of the free market dictates that we must do whatever is necessary to ensure that the free marketplace of ideas remains open to all.

OpEd: 'They Know NOT What They Do'

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Chaos that ensues as the result of an Uneducated Public, supported by the echoes of Victim-hood unleashes the very core elements of Racism across the board.

Those with no Historical Reference tend to belief those perceived as Authoritarian Figures, Faux Leaders or, just plain Loudmouths who shout above the norms. Individuals in attendance tend to believe Untruths, or pure Political Propaganda. This narrative mostly appeals in suppressed communities where upward mobility can be as unreachable as a distant planet.

This systemic model of dysfunction in the hands of bad actors equates to Power, not for those who are left behind, but an Ideology now based on broken promises at the core of Humanities Ascension. Knowledge means Understanding, without the tools of Understanding we are stripped of our true Humanity.

It is by no instrument of bad luck that our children are being stripped of their humanity by an Ideology that demands Total Adherence to its mission. Where there is No Forgiveness, there can be No Growth, only Stagnation.

As individuals, we are seeing this even in our closest Inter-Personal Relationships. Life is in perpetual motion seeking new challenges and realized dreams. There are some, so fearful that they tether themselves to failure, for failure is all they see. Many among us have become prisoners of a ruling class who insulate themselves from their failures. Private Schools, Gated Homes and Armed Security Guards keep their families safe while they release Violent Felons, Drug Dealers and Murderers into your communities. The stage is being set for Civil Unrest and violent clashes between
numerous groups.

We all need to take a step backward and Re-Pledge our Respect for all who act Respectfully. The blind cannot see, so how can the blind lead?

Respectfully yours...

Sunday, March 17, 2019

To Understand The AMERICAN LEFT'S Anti-Semitism, Look To Europe

Like officials in Germany and Norway, the Democrats can excuse a little Jew-hatred if it’s framed right.

David Harsanyi

In Germany this week, a regional court ruled that the 2014 firebombing of Bergisch Synagogue in Wuppertal, while a criminal act of arson, was not an anti-Semitic incident. The judge had upheld a lower court ruling deemed that the three Palestinian immigrants who had thrown Molotov cocktails at the synagogue were merely calling“attention to the Gaza conflict.” Because nothing shows concern for the Middle East peace process like trying to burn down a Jewish house of worship with homemade incendiary devices.

The three men, who had admitted to the authorities that they were motivated by hatred of Israel, were ultimately given suspended sentences, since “no anti-Semitic motivation could be identified.” Now, it’s doubtful that many, or any, of the congregants at the Bergisch Synagogue were Israelis. It’s unlikely the would-be arsonists took a poll of the congregants’ views on the Jewish state. It is unknown whether the bomb-throwers were merely critics of Likud’s policies, or whether they subscribed to Hamas’ view that “Jews”—not, “Israelis”—should be chased entirely from the ancestral homeland.

We can be certain, however, that the men targeted this particular house of worship because Israel is the homeland of Jews. We know animosity towards Jews is rampant throughout the Islamic world, and that the same hatred is gaining a foothold in the West under the guise of “anti-Zionism.” The fact that German officials are rationalizing political violence in a city that was home to one of the first concentration camps is just an added reminder of its nefarious nature—not to mention the importance of the existence of a nation where Jews can protect themselves rather than having to beg German officials do it for them.

This week in Norway, the state attorney dismissed a case against a rapper named Kaveh Kholardi. Last summer, Kholardi was hired by the city of Oslo to perform at a family festival to celebrate “diversity and inclusion.” During his performance, Kholardi asked if there were any Jews in the audience, before going on a rant about the “f***ing Jews.” A few days earlier, the rapper had tweeted that the “f***ing Jews are so corrupt.”

There are only 789 Jews left in Norway.

The court found that Kholardi’s “remarks were demeaning, untruthful and offensive, but they are not breaching the law.” A fine outcome if you, like me, believe that hate speech laws undermine an inherent right to free expression. In Norway, however, they do not. It is still illegal to “deliberately or grossly negligently publicly present a discriminatory or hateful expression shall be punished by fines or imprisonment for up to 3 years.”

When this fact was brought up to Tor Aksel Busch, Norway’s director of public prosecutions, he explained that while the comments by the Muslim rapper “seems to be targeting Jews” they can also be looked at as a way to “express dissatisfaction with the policies of the State of Israel.”

If these excuses sound familiar to you, it’s because American progressives have increasingly adopted them in their own efforts to protect—and in some cases, normalize—anti-Semitism.

In the United States this week, leading presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ national deputy press secretary, BelĂ©n Sisa, in the midst of defending Rep. Ilhan Omar’s smears against American Jewry, asked: “Do you not think that the American government and American Jewish community has a dual allegiance to the State of Israel?” Although at this point it’s unsurprising that Marxists are making dual loyalty smears, it is perhaps somewhat peculiar that that the person doing it is an illegal immigrant.

Just like Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the Congressional Black Caucus who powwow with the Nation of Islam cult, and all their advocates across the Democratic Party, Sisa was attacking American Jews, not Israeli policy. Yet one of the most repeated falsehoods surrounding these incidents—endlessly regurgitated in the media—is that we are debating the limits of how “critical” one can be about Israeli policy. Sisa aimed her comment at Americans.

But it’s clear that “anti-Zionist” antagonism is fueled by Jew hatred, not the reverse. Israel, of course, is the epitome of Jewish power, so it makes sense. Many liberal Jews (which is to say most Jews) like to pretend Israel has nothing to do with them. The haters emphatically disagree. Even secular Jews who drift away from the tradition and faith, and those who have replaced their Jewish values with the Democratic Party platform, or those progressives who blame Benjamin Netanyahu or scapegoat Republicans, or simply don’t care, will still be blamed whenever Jews in Israel defend themselves. Count on it.

It’s worth remembering that “anti-Zionist” terrorism –whether perpetrated by Palestinians, Iranians, or the Baader-Meinhof Group—have always targeted Jews, not merely Israelis. It was so long before Netanyahu was prime minister, long before Likud ever won a national election in Israel, and even before there were ever “occupied territories.” (Unless, of course, you, like many progressives, believe all of Israel is an occupied territory.)

The most charitable reading of the Democratic Party’s recent actions is that, in this age of identity politics, they believe Muslims in Congress deserve special dispensation regarding bigotry. The less charitable reading is that a large faction of their constituents agree with the bigots. Maybe it’s both.

By passing that pathetic, diluted resolution against bigotry, they rewarded Omar for her attack on American Jews, and normalized similar rhetoric. For example, despite the fact that nearly every media outlet reported that Sisa had apologized for her comments, she did not.

“In a conversation on Facebook, I used some language that I see now was insensitive. Issues of allegiance and loyalty to one’s country come with painful history,” she said. “At a time when so many communities in our country feel under attack by the president and his allies, I absolutely recognize that we need to address these issues with greater care and sensitivity to their historical resonance, and I’m committed to doing that in the future.”

This vapid leftist word salad diligently avoids addressing her initial claim of Jewish mendacity. Pushing the vacuous notion that the problem here is hurt feelings, rather than an odious set of ideas, is bad enough. But nowhere in her “apology” does she concede that her initial comments were substantively wrong.

That’s probably okay, though. Like the officials in Germany and Norway, these days the Democratic Party–including many of its major presidential candidates–can excuse a little Jew hatred if it’s framed just right.


MEMO: Children PROTESTING Political Issues?

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Climate change protesters are pictured outside City Hall in Manhattan on Friday.  Photo Barry Williams 

theodore M I R A L D I.

On my way home from work Friday, again I heard Protesters Chanting some inane slogan meant to change the world. I've seen just about every issue play out on the streets of New York.

This last episode was a little more disturbing than most. As I walked past Foley Square, I was suddenly surrounded by Kids from Grammar school on up. Hundreds of children chanting. If I had closed my eyes, it may very well have been angry adults in Venezuela.

So here we are once more, adults using children to promote social issues that the adults can't fix...Being a person of reference what came to mind were the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany indoctrinating children and marching them around in the streets terrorizing its citizens. Mao's Red Guard served the same purpose during China's Cultural Revolution.

We are entering a dangerous phase in American History when we need our school children to promote political agendas. I always thought that was the job the adults were responsible for.

Apparently not. When I ask an adolescent in the crowd what he was protesting, he responded. 'I have no idea, something about weather.' The younger ones looked bewildered, or just being kids, giggling and jumping about in line.

I approached one of the chaperones and asked why are these children marching to City Hall yelling Slogans, and I was told, 'It's There Future, they should be marching against Climate Change.'

So let me get this straight, in a city that less than 50% of the children graduate High School and the majority are below proficiency levels in Reading, Writing and Math, the faculty felt it would be to their advantage to march against something that the adults can't agree about instead of hitting the books. Wonder why the kids are failing basic skills? They are easily led over a cliff. Thay have no knowledge of Civics, American History, or Failed Systems. 

I approached another supporting onlooker and said, 'I feel this is child abuse' with that a barrage of curses, AH--e and Sc--B--were aimed at me. I felt the Hate in her Words and Body Contortions as she scurried away.

So there you have it, the Kids being forced to act like Adults, and the Adults acting more like Kids...

Is that the Leadership our Nation Needs?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

MS-13 Members Accused of STABBING 16-Year-Old 100 Times, Setting Body on FIRE

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Robert Gearty

Maryland police say five MS-13 gang members stabbed one of their own 100 times and drove the body to Virginia where they set it on fire.
The victim of the brutal attack was a 16-year-old high school student. Cops identified Jacson Pineda-Chicas this week after releasing a photo of a tattoo on his left arm, Tribune Media reported.
His body was found dumped on the side of the road in Stafford, Va., March 9.
Police in Prince George’s County said in a news release that the teen was killed in a home 60 miles away in Landover Hills, Md., that belonged to the leader of a Virgina MS-13 clique.
Cops charged the clique leader Jose Ordonez-Zometa, 29, with participating in the murder.
The other suspects and Pineda-Chicas drove to Ordonez-Zometa's home for a meeting March 8, police said.
“To hear somebody was stabbed 100 times, per the medical examiner, pretty much speaks for itself how violent the attack would have been,” Maj. Brian Reilly said Friday at a news conference.
He said invesitgators still don’t know why Pineda-Chicas was targeted for death by his friends.
Cops identified MS-13 murder victim Jacson Pineda-Chicas, 16, this week after releasing a photo of a tattoo on his left arm.
Cops identified MS-13 murder victim Jacson Pineda-Chicas, 16, this week after releasing a photo of a tattoo on his left arm. (Stafford County Sheriff's Office)
NBC 4 Washington reported speaking on Thursday to Pineda-Chicas’ mother who said her son was being threatened after saying he didn’t want to be an MS-13 gang member anymore.
The woman, who was not identified, told the station that when his gang pals accused him of talking to cops, they threatened to kill his family. He told them to kill him instead.
"He had to take knives to defend himself, and screwdrivers,” she told the station. “He had razors and he told me, 'Mom, I'm going to defend myself with them, but it's not going to be enough.'"
She said they fled El Salvador after her son was forced to join MS-13 there.
Police said the others suspects in the case were Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20; Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, 18; Christian Martinez-Ramirez, 16, and Jose Hernandez-Garcia, 25.